Historic Home Program

Centennial Home Program (Since Retired)

Historic Home Program

Recognized homes that have been demolished

Should your home be recognized as a Historic Home?

The Downers Grove Museum and the Downers Grove Historical Society are proud to present the Downers Grove Historic Home Program. This program aims to preserve the history and integrity of Downers Groves’ homes and educate the community about research and preservation. The packet below describes the requirements that need to be met in order for a home to be recognized by the Museum and the Historical Society and for a plaque to be purchased.

The Downers Grove Historic Home Program is not affiliated with the Village of Downers Grove's Historic Landmark Program. The Downer Grove Historic Home Program is strictly honorary and does not limit the homeowner from making alterations to the home. Additionally, the Program does not qualify homeowners for any type of financial incentives such as property tax assessment freezes or tax rebates.

Click here to download the Historic Home Program Application
Have more questions? Email us: historichomes@downersgrovehistory.org 
or call the Downers Grove Museum at 630-963-1309