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2021 Montrew Dunham Award Announced

The Downers Grove Historical Society is pleased to announce that Dave Humphreys will be the 2021 recipient of the 2021 Montrew Dunham Award, which was created in 2019 to honor those whose significant service and contributions to the Village of Downers Grove have earned them a place in its history, following in the footsteps of noted teacher, author, historian, and community volunteer, Montrew Dunham.

Humphreys, a Downers Grove native, said his involvement in music began early on. Both he and his sister, who became a music teacher, were encouraged to be musical. By age five, he was taking piano lessons. He studied cello in grade school, soon moved to string bass, and added percussion in high school. He and his musician friends played everything from the Classics to Jazz and Swing. By playing local gigs, they made decent money in high school, which meant they had to join the musicians’ union as teenagers. Humphreys, himself, did so well, he was able to pay for most of his expenses at Oberlin College by using his musical gifts.  

His mother, Mary Ann Humphreys, was involved with the D.G. Music Club, and along with Thelma Roe Milnes (mother of famed opera star Sherrill Milnes) and Donald Drew, co-founded the D.G. Oratorio (now Choral) Society, giving Humphreys an upfront look at great musical talent and the spirit of volunteerism. His family also enjoyed songfests at the Milnes’ farm just south of town almost every Sunday night as he grew up. 

Right out of college, Humphreys was offered a position at IBM; he retired from there after 27 years of leading marketing activities for technical sales to large corporate customers (1965-‘91).  During that time, though, he continued playing music professionally and began producing concerts and festivals.

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We are dedicated to the history and heritage
of Downers Grove, Illinois

The Downers Grove Historical Society is an independent, non-profit volunteer organization that was incorporated in 1968. We are dedicated to keeping history alive for future generations by preserving and promoting the heritage of Downers Grove. We seek to foster an understanding, awareness, and appreciation of our town's history and architecture through education, community programs, publications, and acknowledgment of historic sites. We rely solely on public support to continue these efforts.

We are dedicated to the history and heritage of Downers Grove, Illinois

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